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Sir Henry Widdrington was an English knight who ill-treated his wife, his sons and his servants. He took exception to Robert Carey's attraction to Elizabeth Widdrington. He beat Elizabeth, as was his right under English law at the time, even though she had discouraged Carey.


A Season of Knives[]

Widdrington ordered his wife, Elizabeth Widdrington, to return home, even though the horses she had brought to Carlisle were in need of rest. He later forced Elizabeth to write a letter to Robert Carey telling Carey not to attempt to see her again.

A Surfeit of Guns[]

Widdrington was present when Robert Carey arrived to see King James of Scotland. Because of his resentment of Carey, he arranged for Carey to be lured into a football game during which Carey was intentionally mauled. He forced Elizabeth to watch the mauling. He later conspired with a Scottish noble who had access to King James's seal to have Carey arrested for treason. The Earl of Mar intervened when told about the arrest. In exchange for not being charged by the king, Widdrington agreed to not abuse Elizabeth.