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Barnabus Cooke was a valet in service to Robert Carey.


A Famine of Horses[]

A Season of Knives[]

Sunday, 2nd July 1592[]

Cooke had been drinking at a whore house. on his way back to Carlisle Castle, he stumbled across the beaten Andy Nixon. He helped Nixon into his residence, but was unable to resist taking Nixon's purse. When he arrived at the castle, the gate had been closed and he had to sleep on the ground outside the gate all night.

Monday, 3rd July 1592[]

Richard Lowther arrested Cooke for the murder of Jemmy Atkinson.

A Surfeit of Guns[]

A Plague of Angels[]

Cooke returned to London with Sir Robert Carey. He learned that his sister and her family, except for his nephew, had become infected with plague; Simon was safe because he had been in the north with Cooke. He became involved in the search for Edmund Carey.