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A Season of Knives is the second book of the Sir Robert Carey Mysteries.



  • A contractor for victuals at Carlisle Castle routinely provides food that is so rotten that he is not willing to eat it himself.
  • Andy Nixon is having an illicit love affair with Kate Atkinson, wife of Jemmy Atkinson.
  • John Leigh lives with his family in a house next door to Jemmy Atkinson, who is his brother-in-law. Leigh's wife, Matilda Leigh, believes that she should have inherited the house the Atkinson's own.

Sunday, 2nd July 1592[]

Monday, 3rd July 1592[]

Tuesday, 4th July 1592[]

Wednesday, 5th July 1592[]

Thursday, 6th July 1592[]

  • Carey realized that the identity of the murderer lay in who benefited from Jemmy Atkinson's death.



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