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A Plague of Angels is the fourth book of the Sir Robert Carey Mysteries.


Wednesday, 30th August 1592, afternoon[]

Robert Carey, Henry Dodd and Barnabus Cooke approach London because Carey's father, Henry Carey, has called Carey back to the city and are ambushed. They successfully fight off the attack. As they enter the city, they have to approach the home of Carey's father by a circuitous route because a number of bailiffs are searching for Carey because of his debts. Upon arriving, they encounter Henry Carey's mistress William Shakespeare. Henry Carey arrives soon after and wants to know why Carey had come to the house. Carey tells his father a complicated and partly incorrect version of his recent adventure in Scotland because Thomas Heneage, the Vice Chancellor of England, is present. Afterward, Heneage asks Dodd questions about the Scottish court to which Dodd does not know the answers.

Thursday, 31st August 1592, morning[]

Friday, 1st September 1592[]

Carey, Dodd, Barnabus and begin the search for Edmund Carey by stopping first at his home. Carey and Dodd talk with Susannah Carey and search the house. Carey finds small amounts of mercury in a chest. Carey and Dodd are called to meet with Henry Carey. They join Carey's father, with whom they locate the bodies of the men who attempted the previous day's ambush and of Henry's servant. Carey and Dodd return to the tavern.

Saturday, 2nd September 1592[]

Sunday, 3rd September 1592, afternoon[]

Robert Carey learns about Thomas Heneage's plot to become a close adviser to Queen Elizabeth by trapping and questioning one of Heaneage's spies. Heneage goes to the Fleet Prison to interrogate Carey and learns that Henry Dodd has been arrested by mistake. Heneage decides to take Dodd for interrogation, convinced that he knows the whereabouts of either Robert Carey or Edmund Carey. Robert arrives at Fleet Prison and finds his brother.