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A Famine of Horses is the first book of the Sir Robert Carey Mysteries.

"Good luck to them. We've a famine of horses hereabouts."Thomas Carleton


Sunday, 18th June 1592[]

Sergeant Henry Dodd and his patrol find the body of Sweetmilk Geordie Graham. The patrol encounters John Graham and a group of Grahams. Jock wants the body, but Dodd says it must be taken for identification even through he had recognized Sweetmilk. Sir Robert Carey arrives at Carlisle Castle to take up duties as deputy warden by invitation from his brother-in-law, Thomas Scrope. Richard Lowther, who was deputy warden under Scrope's recently deceased father, is incensed about not being re-appointed.

Monday, 19th June 1592[]

Tuesday, 20th June 1592[]

Carey and his troops capture Young Jock Graham and others while in hot pursuit.

Wednesday, 21st June 1592[]

Thursday, 22nd June 1592[]

Friday, 23rd June 1592[]

Saturday, 24th June 1592[]

Sunday, 25th June 1592[]



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